Imagem de 20 Youtube Shortcut Keys for you to master the Player

If you, like many, use YouTube almost every day, you’ll love learning several hotkeys to be able to professionally dominate the world’s number one video network. We’ve created a list explaining each command on each YouTube shortcut key, from pausing or playing the video to more advanced features, like advancing to a certain percentage of the video’s playback or putting the video in full screen with a shortcut key. If you also want to master YouTube professionally, check the list below and make sure to save this news to your favorites and share it with friends.

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List of YouTube shortcut keys

If you really want to have a good experience with the YouTube video site, you’ve found the right list to be able to control the Video Player in ways you didn’t know. See the list of shortcuts:

Atalho do teclado Função
Space Pause and Play the YouTube video
K Pause and Play the YouTube video
J Rewind video 10 seconds
L Forward video 10 seconds
Home Back to the beginning of the video
End Go to end of video
Left arrow Rewind 5 seconds of video
Right arrow Forward 5 seconds of video
Up arrow Increase the audio volume of the video by 5%
Down arrow Decrease the audio volume of the video by 5%
Numbers 1 to 9 horizontal (not on the numeric keypad) Navigate between 10% to 90% of the video time
Number 0 on the horizontal keys (not on the numeric keypad) Back to the beginning of the video
F Put the video in full screen or exit full screen mode
C Enable and hide video subtitles when available
I Open the YouTube mini player that follows the screen.
Shift+N Go to the next video.
Shift+P Return to the previous video. (Only works on Playlists).
/ Go to the search field (Does not work on all keyboards).
Shift+> Increase video speed by 0.25x to a maximum of 2.0x
Shift+< Decrease video speed by 0.25x to a minimum of 0.25x

Did you already know all these YouTube shortcut keys? Did you manage to decorate them all the first time? We hope this list will help you for a long time, until you can decorate all these shortcut keys.