Seletronic is a Technology website that seeks to help people solve problems and doubts in the technological world. Founded in 2014, the Technology website helps countless people to solve problems with computers, cell phones, tablets, internet, social networks and many other problems of technological life every day in an easy way.

When it all started

The site started with a small blog by a teenager named Marcus Vinícius who found it interesting to write some things he understood on a personal blog called Tudo Para Android. The blog grew and more and more people turned to it for help to solve problems mainly with Android phones, since the site was based specifically on Android. However, realizing the need to serve a broader audience, he decided to change the name of the site to create a professional technology portal that could serve all areas of technology in addition to bringing important news about what is happening in the technological world. That’s how Seletronic came about, a website based entirely on helping people make their lives easier when it comes to technology, and every day more people turn to Seletronic for free help.

Seletronic computer forum

As the case is not always the same, and many daily comments on all posts on the Seletronic website asked for objective help on a certain subject, we hear the idea of ​​creating a space where everyone could post their questions to receive personalized help with their problems. . Thinking of helping each person in particular, the first version of Seletronic’s Technology Forum emerged from forum software that unfortunately did not meet the needs of users. So between 2017 and 2018, while many people were probably celebrating the year-end celebrations, there was a lot of hard work to create a forum that would meet the needs of Seletronic website users. Then, officially, on January 16, 2018, the new version of the Seletronic Forum was on the air ready to help many more people. Now, the Forum could serve many more people, as this was a much lighter and easily accessible version for mobile devices and computers.

Visit our forum here: Technology Forum .

If you have known Seletronic for a long time, or if you are familiar with this technology site now, know that it is an immense pleasure to receive your visit and be able to do anything to help solve your problems with technology.