What is induction charging and how does it work?

Understand how induction charging works and its benefits

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What is induction charging and how does it work?
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Inductive charging, or wireless charging, charges the battery of your phone and other devices without cables or wires, using the close proximity between your device and the charging pad. This is done through a magnetic field that transmits electrical energy to the device’s battery, without the need for a physical connection between the device and the charger.

Currently, several electronic devices use induction charging technology. Among the most popular devices are smartphones from various brands, including the iPhone, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, among others. In addition to smartphones, smartwatches, wireless headphones, tablets and even electric cars also use this wireless charging technology. It is important to check that your device is compatible with inductive charging before using it, as not all devices are compatible.

How induction charging works

Inductive charging is a method of charging electronic devices without the need for wires or physical connections between the charger and the device being charged. This process is based on a physical phenomenon called electromagnetic induction.

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Electromagnetic induction occurs when a changing magnetic field is generated by an electrical device, such as a charger, and this magnetic field passes through a coil of wire, which is present in the device to be charged. This causes an electrical current to be generated in the coil, which can be used to charge the device’s battery.

The induction charging process starts with a charger that is connected to an electrical power source. The charger creates an alternating magnetic field which is transmitted through a coil of wire known as the transmitter coil. The device to be charged contains another coil of wire, called the receiver coil, which is positioned next to the transmitter coil.

When the magnetic field of the transmitting coil changes, it induces an electric current in the receiving coil. This electrical current is then used to charge the device’s battery. For the charging process to take place efficiently, the two coils must be positioned close to each other and correctly aligned.

Induction charging is a convenient, wireless method of charging electronic devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, wireless headphones, and more. In addition, using this charging method can extend your device’s battery life by preventing damage caused by excessive use of charging cables and connectors.

Inductive reverse charging (Wireless PowerShare)

Inductive reverse charging, also known as wireless reverse charging or Wireless PowerShare, is a technology that allows an electronic device, such as a smartphone, to transmit electrical power to another device, such as a wireless headset or smartwatch, via middle of a magnetic field. This means that one device can be used to charge another without the need for wires or cables.

In reverse induction charging, the transmitter device functions as a charger and contains a coil of wire that creates a changing magnetic field. The receiving device, which needs to support induction charging, contains another coil of wire that converts the magnetic field into electrical energy to charge its battery.

This technology can be useful in situations where a device is low on power and there is no access to a conventional charger. For example, if your smartphone runs out of battery, you can use the battery of another smartphone with reverse induction charging to charge it. Some smartphone models already have this technology, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21, for example.

However, it is important to remember that reverse inductive charging may be slower than conventional charging and may require more power from the transmitting device’s battery, reducing its range. Therefore, it is recommended to use this technology only in emergency situations and as an additional charging option.

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