What is SmartWatch?

Understand what a SmartWatch is, what it is for and what are its main features

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What is SmartWatch?
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A Smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch that has several advanced functions besides just showing the time, where in most cases it works as an extension of the functionality of a Smartphone to which it can be connected using wireless technology. As many of them have some functions present in modern cell phones, they are often also called cell clock. Below we will show you some of the main and most sought after functions of a smart watch.

Main functions of a Smartwatch

Now that we understand a little better what a Smartwatch is, let’s see even better what makes a smartwatch. Below are some of the functions commonly present and most sought after in a Smartwatch.

Answer calls

One of the main uses of smartwatches is the possibility of receiving notifications and/or answering calls using the real watch, without having to take your cell phone out of your pocket. Of course, each model has a way of working in these situations.

Some, for example, have small speakers and microphones built into the body of the watch, while others have a Bluetooth connection with a headset. And not all models can answer a call completely free of charge from the cell phone, so before buying, check if the model you want to buy has this feature.

Manage app messages

In the case of message notifications, it is more common for devices to be able to connect with messaging applications, even in the case of cheaper ones. Even so, it is essential that you consider the main applications that you want to send messages to the device and check if this compatibility exists with the model you want to purchase.

Install apps

Speaking of applications, they are very essential for you to understand which calls and notifications you will be able to receive on your smartwatch and are also linked to the operating method that works on your cell phone. Every smartwatch comes with pre-established apps and functions.

Most smartwatch models have exclusive app stores, just like the apps you install on your phone. But before purchasing a smartwatch it is good to check which application compatibility the model to be purchased has.

Health monitoring

One of the biggest attractions for smartwatches comes from sportsmen, whether they are professionals or amateurs, who seek the dexterity of the tools that are offered by the watches to obtain up-to-date information about their daily workouts and their fitness.

Some of these tools are GPS, step counter, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor and many other health related functions. Some of them are also adaptable to different sports practices, such as running, cycling, swimming, wrestling, etc.

If your purpose is to use the smartwatch to track your fitness practices and assess your health, you need to verify that the model you want to buy contains the features you need.

Media Control

As they are always connected to the cell phone via wireless technology, smartwatches are able to assist in playing music and other media that are running on your cell phone or tablet. Being able to jump to the next media that can be a video or a song, increase or decrease the volume, or even pause or replay.

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