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Invisible space: See how to use Lyrics in your nickname and social media posts

Code generates invisible "letter" in your nickname and in publications, just copy and paste - See how to do it!

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Invisible space: See how to use Lyrics in your nickname and social media posts
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When content creators for social networks and gamers want to format their texts or nick in a specific way, they often encounter restrictions regarding the insertion of spaces or line breaks. For example, some platforms may limit the amount of consecutive spaces you can use or may not allow line breaks or spaces where you want them.

To overcome these limitations, some people resort to using a special character called “invisible space” or “zero-width space”. Understand below what this invisible letter is, and see how to copy and generate nicknames and other things with it.

What is the invisible code?

Invisible code refers to a special character called “invisible space” or “zero-width space”, represented by the Unicode code U+200B. This character is not visible to our eyes, but it occupies space in the text, being used by content creators on social networks and games to circumvent formatting restrictions, such as the insertion of spaces or line breaks. It is a way to trick algorithms and create visual illusions in texts, although its use must be done with care, considering the specific policies of each platform.

By inserting this invisible space between letters or at certain points in the text , content creators can create the illusion of spacing or line wrapping, even if platforms restrict these elements visually.

For example, when creating a nickname in a game, some players may use invisible space to add style or highlight specific parts of the name. This practice is a way to get around formatting limitations imposed by platforms.

How to use invisible code?

To use invisible code, you need the character known as “invisible space ” or “zero-width space”. There are a few ways to incorporate this character into your texts:

1. Manual insertion:

You can copy and paste the invisible character into your texts. Here is the character: ​ (ㅤ).

Or you can copy it into the following code boxes by clicking copy:

Small space:


Medium space:


Large Space:


Tip: The copy button only appears on the full version of the site

2. Online invisible space tools

There are apps like Space and Instaspacer, and the invisible spaces tool from Seletronic. For example Seletronic’s invisible spaces tool was created to help players bypass formatting restrictions in games, especially those that don’t allow spaces in usernames (nicks). This tool generates invisible characters of three different sizes: small, medium and large.

Users can take advantage of these invisible characters to personalize their nicknames in games, such as Free Fire, where standard formatting can be limited. Furthermore, the tool can also be used to send messages on social networks without visible content, using invisible characters.

Where to use the invisible letter code?

The invisible code, or “invisible letter,” can be used in various situations. Here are some common applications:

  1. Nicks and Usernames in Games:
    • Many online games have restrictions on formatting nicknames, such as not being able to to insert spaces. Using invisible spaces can allow you to create more personalized nicknames.
  2. Social Networks:
    • In some social networks, Text formatting may be limited. Using invisible spaces can help create more stylized formatting or highlight specific parts of a text.
  3. Messages without Apparent Content:
    • Can be used to send blank or nearly invisible messages on messaging platforms, creating an “empty message” effect.
  4. Line Breaks Not Allowed:
    • Some platforms do not allow line breaks where you want them. Invisible space can be used to create the illusion of line breaks.
  5. Text Personalization:
    • Can be used to create more elaborate or personalized formatting in documents, blogs, or anywhere where text design is important.
  6. Avoid Content Filters:
    • In some cases, invisible spaces can be used to bypass content filters, although it is important to use this responsibly and ethically.

What are invisible codes?

The invisible code refers to the spacing character that can be used to circumvent formatting limitations in various contexts. There are different sizes of this invisible space, providing customization options. Among them are:

  • Small Invisible Space: ( )
  • Medium Invisible Space: (ᅠ)
  • Large Invisible Space: (ㅤ)

Invisible space doesn’t work at all

It’s important to remember that not all platforms may allow or tolerate this type of text manipulation. Some usage policies may prohibit practices that could be considered “exploits” or attempts to circumvent established rules. Therefore, content creators must be aware of each platform’s specific policies and use these techniques responsibly to avoid possible penalties.

Frequently asked questions

What is invisible handwriting?

The invisible letter, also called the invisible code, is a special code widely used in social networks and video game nicknames. Its main function is to circumvent the spacing and line breaking restrictions imposed by some platforms.

How to use the invisible code?

Just copy the code (ㅤ)  and paste it in the publication or nickname you are creating. This practice allows for more flexible and personalized formatting in online environments.

How to create an invisible letter?

Just copy the code (ㅤ) and paste it where necessary. You can take this code and paste it into a text editor to create your nickname or into a conversation in an application. Once done, just copy the result and paste wherever you want.

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