Windows 11 will lose support for Android apps

End of Support: Windows 11 stops supporting Android apps from 2025

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Windows 11 will lose support for Android apps
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Microsoft recently announced that Windows 11 will no longer support Android apps starting March 2025. This decision marks the end of the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA), leaving users without the ability to install new Android apps on their devices. devices running Windows 11. This change comes as part of a series of service and feature discontinuations, including Cortana and WordPad. Let’s better understand what this means for users of Microsoft’s operating system.

Windows 11, when originally announced , highlighted the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) as one of its main features. But support for Android apps will be officially discontinued in 2025. This means that after March 5, 2025, users will no longer be able to search or download Android apps from the Microsoft Store. As for applications already installed, they can be used after this date. Those who have the Amazon Appstore or Android apps on Windows 11 before March 5, 2024, will be able to continue accessing those apps until support ends.

The end of this support is certainly disappointing for many users who expected the service to be expanded to other regions.

Available Alternatives to WSA

For those who want to continue using Android apps on their PCs, they will need to turn to emulators like BlueStacks. Additionally, Google offers Google Play Games , a PC program that allows you to play Android games on your computer. Already expecting this demotivating discontinuity in Windows, it is important to explore available alternatives and stay tuned for possible future developments in the cross-platform application integration space.

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