Can WhatsApp GB see private/locked status? Discover Now!

Can Private Statuses on WhatsApp GB be Viewed? Discover and be careful about what you post!

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Can WhatsApp GB see private/locked status? Discover Now!
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WhatsApp GB is the villain of those who want privacy. Even though they already said they would block anyone using WhatsApp GB, many people remain firm and strong people having access to all the resources that make GBWhatsApp the great stalker of other people’s lives. It is essential to be aware that our posts are not always as private as we imagine. So be careful when posting statuses on WhatsApp, especially if you are talking badly about someone, or showing details about your life that others cannot know. We will look at examples of situations in which this can occur and provide tips to avoid future problems.

Can WhatsApp GB see blocked status?

Yes, even if you have your status privately so that only a few selected contacts can see it, anyone who has WhatsApp GB will be able to see your status.

Now imagine being badmouthing your friend at school, criticizing your boss or showing off while you owe others? If you post this on your WhatsApp status, anyone who uses WhatsApp GB will be able to see it, and may come and satisfy you. We already talked about this in the article: 3 serious reasons to never trust WhatsApp! You might regret it!

How do I stop someone who has WhatsApp GB from being able to see your WhatsApp status?

The only way to prevent someone using WhatsApp GB from seeing your WhatsApp status is by not posting any status. It’s important to be mindful of what you share and consider the possible consequences of your posts. Be careful when speaking negatively about someone or sharing sensitive information, in order to avoid future problems and maintain healthy relationships in both school and professional environments.

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