WhatsApp announces its end for several cell phones starting in May; See List

See if your device is on the list of devices that will no longer receive support from WhatsApp

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WhatsApp announces its end for several cell phones starting in May; See List
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From May 1st, users of a range of cell phone models will face an unexpected challenge: WhatsApp, one of the most used messaging applications in the world, will stop working on their devices. The list of affected devices includes several Android models, such as Motorola, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Sony and Samsung, as well as some iPhone models.

The decision, announced by Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company, aims to improve the security and efficiency of the application, which requires technical adaptations that only more modern devices can provide. As a result, 35 specific models will be impacted by this change, leaving users of these devices without access to WhatsApp.

Among the affected models are some public favorites, see the complete list:


  • Galaxy S4 mini I9195 LTE
  • Galaxy Ace Plus
  • Galaxy Core
  • Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE+
  • Galaxy Note 3 N9005 LTE
  • Galaxy S4 Zoom
  • Galaxy S4 Active
  • Galaxy S4 mini I9192 Duos
  • Galaxy S 19500
  • Galaxy Grand
  • Galaxy S3 Mini VE
  • Galaxy S4 mini I9190
  • Galaxy Express 2


  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 6


  • Moto X
  • Moto G


  • Lenovo S890
  • Lenovo A858T
  • Lenovo 46600
  • Lenovo P70


  • Ascend P6 S
  • Ascend G525
  • Huawei GX1s
  • Huawei C199
  • Huawei Y625


  • Optimus 4X HD P880
  • Optimus L7
  • Optimus G Pro
  • Optimus G


  • Xperia Z1
  • Xperia E3

What to do if yours is on the list?

Given this scenario, it is crucial that users of these devices act quickly to avoid interruptions in communication. Providing a backup of messages is essential to preserve conversation history, while migrating to a compatible cell phone model will ensure continued use of WhatsApp and receipt of security and functionality updates in the future.

The change highlights the importance of application compatibility on mobile devices and highlights the need for users to be prepared for technological adaptations. Stay tuned for updates and take the necessary steps to ensure a seamless and secure WhatsApp experience.

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