What is overclocking?

Understand what overclocking is and what it is for

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What is overclocking?
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Overclocking is the act of increasing the performance of some component of a computer system beyond what was designed by the manufacturer. Overclocking is usually done on computers to improve the execution speed of data processing by forcing better performance from the hardware, and it can be done on many components. Among the main components where an overclock is done, are the Processor, RAM memory and video card, but this can be done in several other components.

How is overclocked?

We can say that overclocking is basically increasing the amount of energy used by a component. As in the case of the processor, for example, by applying more electrical energy to it, it makes it work faster. In this case, the processor executes more things in less time, that is, it runs at a higher frequency, which is defined in hertz.

What is Overclocking for?

Overclocking serves to extract the maximum possible performance from a computing equipment, so that it performs tasks faster or can perform tasks that it was not designed to perform.

Is it safe to overclock?

Overclocking always exposes hardware to risk as it forces it to work in a way it was not designed for. Overclocking shortens the hardware lifespan and doing it the wrong way can simply render the hardware or some components unusable.

How to overclock?

To overclock it is necessary to change the physical or software settings of a component, or other hardware. For each different type of component, there is a different way to Overclock, and you can usually find instructions on how to perform the procedure for each one on Youtube and other sites.

What is mobile overclocking?

Overclocking a cell phone is to increase its performance beyond what it was made to support. Therefore, this process also includes risks and loss of warranty. Cell phones are portable computers and they also have a processor and GPU, which means that it is possible to overclock phones, especially with Android system after rooting, just using specific applications to extract the maximum performance from the device.

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