What is my user agent? Use Google to discover!

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Google search term allows you to see your browser's user agent

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The User Agent is a string that allows the server to provide the correct response to your request. We have already explained in detail here at Seletronic “what is user agent“. In short, each time you access a website, your browser sends a string, that is, a simple piece of text of common characters to the server saying some information about which browser you are using, what is your operating system, the version of both and other information that allows the server to identify the type of response that should be returned when, for example, you access a website.

When accessing a page on the internet, this information is sent to the server where the site is hosted, and with this information he is able to decipher whether you are accessing the site by cell phone or computer, for example, and send a specific page made to that device.

How to discover your user agent

Maybe you have modified your User Agent and want to see if it worked, or you just started learning about it now and want an easy way to get to know your User Agent. This can be done by typing a simple Google search term:

  • Access Google in your browser
  • Enter search term: my user agent
  • Google will show your user agent at the beginning of the search result

While there are many sites that show our User Agent and many other methods for getting to know our User Agent, knowing one more method can certainly help you in the future, if you need to.

Did you already know this method?