What is Modular Power Supply?

Understand the power supplies that allow you to configure your computer in a more organized and secure way

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What is Modular Power Supply?
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A semi or fully modular power supply is a power supply that allows for better cable management inside the case, as it allows only the cables that we will use in Cable Management to be connected to the power supply. The difference between semimodular and fully modular is in the possibility of decoupling or not decoupling all cables from the power supply.

Semi-modular power supply

Semi-modular power supplies are those where some cables are connected to the internal circuit of the power supply without the possibility of being removed, such as the main 24-pin cable, the PCI and the 8-pin cable that powers the processor. However, the remaining cables can be removed and replaced as needed.

Gamemax 800W Real 80 PLUS ATX Power Supply

The Gamemax 800W Real 80 PLUS ATX Power Supply is an example of a Semi-modular Power Supply

Full-modular power supply

Full-Modular power supplies are power supplies where you can remove all cables, without exception. Making handling and installation more convenient when managing cables.

Seasonic M12II Evo - 620W power supply

The Seasonic M12II Evo – 620W power supply is an example of a full-modular power supply

The advantages of modular fonts

Modular sources, in addition to guaranteeing good aesthetics to the computer and good cable management, also allow for better air circulation inside the case. Good air circulation improves hardware cooling a bit, and good cooling increases the life of some components.

Another advantage of this type of source is that they allow quick and easy access to the internal peripherals, because due to the possibility of better Cable Management, it is easier to remove or install new peripherals.

Modular source worth it?

Yes, modular power supplies are worth it, as they allow a better organization of cables inside the computer, improving internal ventilation, this helps to reduce the temperature of components, increasing their useful life. This means that your hardware will stay working longer, which is an advantage when you want to sell to buy another one, or to keep the same components working longer. For these reasons, even if it’s more expensive, a modular power supply is worth it.

Which power supply is better? Modular or semi-modular?

The quality of the power supply depends on the electronic components that make it. However, a Full-modular power supply can bring more advantages over a semi-modular power supply when it is installed or removed, due to the possibility of being able to couple it without any cables, and then place only the necessary cables.

Pros and Cons of Modular Power Supply

To make it even clearer the advantages and disadvantages of getting a modular power supply, see the following table:

Pros Cons
Better cable organization A little more expensive than normal power supplies
Improves internal ventilation You can forget where you kept the cables when you need them
Improves computer aesthetics
Increase component life
Connect only the cables you need
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