What is GG on Facebook?

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Understand what the acronym GG means on Facebook and its relationship with electronic games

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If you’re seeing the acronym “GG” in the Facebook comments, you’ve probably been curious to know what it means. We see people writing GG everywhere, and the writing is pink. Another curiosity is that if we touch the writing, or write GG, we soon see some hands fighting on the screen, or other animations shaking hands. What is it for? What does GG mean on Facebook?

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What is GG on Facebook?

The acronym GG on Facebook, is just a joke, a kind of Easter Egg, and is directly related to electronic games where this acronym means “Good Game”. This feature relates to Facebook Gaming, which is a Facebook gaming platform launched in 2018  and can be accessed at fb.gg.

The acronym GG is commonly used in online match electronic games to say that opponents provided a good game. It would be the same as thanking you for leaving.