What are bone conduction headphones?

Understand about this technology that uses different vibration signals to drive sound

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What are bone conduction headphones?
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Bone conduction headphones are headphones that use vibration that resonates through your skull carrying sounds to your ears. They do not need to be inserted into the ears, covering the ears like conventional headphones, which leaves the ears free for ambient sound to enter. Bone conduction headphones use vibration motors that transmit vibration through the bones of the skull so that sound is perceived through resonance.

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What are the benefits of bone conduction headphones?

As bone conduction headphones do not cover the ears, one of their great advantages is being able to listen to music while paying attention to the sounds of the environment. Another great advantage is in relation to people who do not have sensitivity in the ear canal, and who cannot keep the canal covered, either due to irritations or infections.

However, we can cite the most sought after advantage of this type of headphone, is the possibility of listening to music even under water.

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