Brazilian campaign makes Vincent Martella surpass Tyler James Williams’ followers on Instagram

Greg Surpasses Chris: The Recognition of Brazilian Fans in 'Everybody Hates Chris'

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Brazilian campaign makes Vincent Martella surpass Tyler James Williams’ followers on Instagram
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Brazilians are campaigning to make actor Vincent Martella, Greg from “Everybody Hates Chris”, surpass the number of followers of Tyler James Williams (Chris). It all started after Brazilians noticed that Vincent Martella values ​​his Brazilian followers much more than the main actor of the series, Tyler James Williams (Chris). Chris, oops, Tyler James Williams, fell into the Brazilians’ opinion after publicly complaining about the affection of his fans in Brazil. He complained on a TV show that he couldn’t post anything on his social networks and soon Brazilians, in droves, were commenting on phrases from the series on his photo. Furthermore, he hinted that he would not like to be remembered only for his role as Chris in the series “Everybody Hates Chris”.

On the other hand, other actors in the series have always valued all the affection received by their fans in Brazil. Tichina Arnold, Rochelle (Chris’ mother in the series), was one of those who expressed her affection and gratitude to the Brazilian people, saying that here she is a celebrity, and that she loves Brazil. And recently, Greg, oops, Vincent Martella, posted a photo with the phrase “I’m famous in Brazil.” This photo was enough for fans of the series in Brazil to recognize that Vincent Martella also gives a lot of value to his followers in Brazil. After that, several pages began publishing a campaign for Vincent Martella to surpass the number of followers of Chris, that is, Tyler James Williams on Instagram. After the photo, Vincent Martella also published a video with Greg’s Brazilian dubbing to show Brazilians his affection.

And our Brazilian effort really worked, the profile of @thevincentmartella, Vincent Martella’s official, surpassed the number of Tyler’s @willtylerjames followers. Currently, Tyler has 2.3 million and Vincent 2.5 million followers, and will definitely have many more, as Brazil loves Greg much more now. Looks like the little guy who lives right there has gone bad again.

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