SOLSOL is a solar cap that can charge your cell phone

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Clean, renewable energy to enjoy your laser moments

Imagem de SOLSOL is a solar cap that can charge your cell phone

SOLSOL is a Solar Hat cap that extends battery life and charges the battery of your iPhone, Android and other mobile devices. The SOLSOL cap provides clean, renewable energy for your devices when sunlight hits the solar panel on the flat brim of the cap . The cap is lightweight, comfortable and water resistant.

The SOLSOL has a LXTSOL 5V USB output port in a pocket discreetly on the left side of the cap. Then just plug the charging cable into the USB plug inside the button opening to get started.

An interesting thing is that this hat doesn’t use storage batteries, and it can distribute energy in real time to the device to be charged, just be in the sun and connect the cable to your cell phone, headphones, or other device that needs to be charged via USB.

SOLSOL can deliver around 1.45 W, which equates to around 200 mAh per hour. As an example, if your cell phone takes 2 hours to charge on the charger at home, on SOLSOL it can take more than 3 hours for a full charge. But the company is looking for ways to improve this performance. However, for those who are far from an outlet and really need to stay connected, SOLSOL is an excellent option.