Does RGB increase FPS? Understand!

Understand if putting more RGB lights on the computer increases the FPS!

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Does RGB increase FPS? Understand!
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No, RGB does not increase the computer’s FPS. There are several factors that can increase or decrease the FPS during your games, but definitely saying that RGB causes more FPS is just a joke. This is because the colored LEDs have no influence on the computer’s performance, and are for aesthetic purposes only. In other words, RGB only serves to make the computer prettier.

In recent years, RGB has gradually been assimilated to Gamer Products, and taking advantage of this, many companies have started to place RGB LEDs to increase the sales value of some products, since some have the illusion that products with RGB offer better performance.

CPU GPU increase FPSWhat really increases FPS?

FPS is directly related to the graphics processing capacity of a computer. For this reason, what most influences the FPS is the quality of the video card, which the more modern and robust in hardware configurations it is, the more it tends to increase the FPS in games. However, it doesn’t work alone, and to be able to deliver the maximum of its performance, it also depends on a processor and RAM memory that can send data in the best possible time so that the video card can then play its role. This means that all computer hardware needs to work together to improve processing time and deliver more FPS, and especially the CPU and GPU. And the RGB? We don’t need him for any of this!

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