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Can you put a magnet in the computer case?

Did you know that it is common for people to wonder if the magnet can damage the computer? See if it's true!

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Can you put a magnet in the computer case?
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A magnet is a body with a magnetic field around it and is capable of attracting other metallic objects, such as iron, cobalt and nickel. For this reason, the magnet is able to stick to metal surfaces, such as the cabinet housing, as well as the famous refrigerator decorations. One thing that many people wonder, is if the magnet can cause a problem in the computer, or affect the CPU in some way.

Is it okay to put a magnet in the computer case?

You should not put a magnet on your computer’s case, as its magnetic field can affect the functioning of other internal components that work with magnetic fields, such as the cooler and HD. This happens if the magnet is strong enough to interfere with the functioning of these components.

For example in the case of the hard disk that uses magnetic disks to record data, and may suffer interference from the magnetic field of the magnet, disrupting the operation, corrupting data during recording, or even irreversibly damaging the disk. In the case of coolers, which are fans used to cool internal components, the magnet’s magnetic field can interfere with the rotation and efficiency of these components, which could affect, for example, the proper cooling of the CPU.

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