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Picun Launches F6: Next-Level Noise Canceling Headphones

Superior premium audio experience and elegant design at a fraction of the price of competitors

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Picun Launches F6: Next-Level Noise Canceling Headphones
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If you’re thinking about purchasing a new, high-quality headphone-style headset at a very affordable price, you’ll definitely want to take note of the Picun launch. The company is launching its new F6 noise-cancelling headphones, focusing on a superior audio experience at just a fraction of the premium competitors on the market. Picun’s new model is not only beautiful, but also has impressive audio quality. Even though it is relatively new on the market, the company has been serious about producing its devices, using solid construction and quality materials.

For those who have already proven the quality of previous Picun models, they will certainly be even more impressed with this new F6 model, which we will analyze below.

Availability and Launch Price

Another good news is that this headset will be at a super discount at launch on AliExpress, from 05/31 until 06/07/2024. Although the original selling price of this product is US$53.89, with the launch promotional discounts on the page you can purchase the product for US$47.91. And if you’re one of the first 500, you’ll have the privilege of purchasing for just $39.99. If you have already decided to buy, we recommend that you leave the product in the cart so that, as soon as the sale at these promotional prices goes live, you can be one of the first to buy. To purchase yours, [Click here].

Everything you need to know about the Picun F6

Next, we will detail the decisive aspects for you to buy this beautiful, high-quality headset, or decide whether you prefer to pay more for other brands.

With advanced Head Tracking technology

Head Tracking in headphones is a new trending technology in premium headphones. This technology enhances 3D spatial audio sound by using sensors to monitor your movements and adjust the sound according to your head position. This ability to recalibrate three-dimensional sound channels as your head moves makes the F6’s audio experience much more real than other models that don’t have this functionality.

Elegant design and vibrant colors

Honestly, when you look at Picun’s F6 headset, you will admire the construction design and elegant colors, which show the manufacturer’s commitment to creating visually appealing products made with quality materials. Another very interesting thing is that the headset has an application to further improve the features that this device offers, such as low power consumption mode, anti-loss functionality and customizable equalization settings to make the audio produced even more captivating. .

Wireless and long battery life

This wireless headset will certainly accompany you wherever you want, not to mention its battery life, which we will analyze later.

Premium-level noise cancellation with five microphones

Even if you’re not easily impressed, you’ll definitely notice that the F6 has five microphones designed for noise cancellation. The precision is such that it is possible to reduce noise by up to 52dB. When you are on busy streets or any day-to-day noise, this will not disturb your listening experience, as these headphones were really designed to eliminate this problem.

Excessive battery life of up to 120 hours

How many hours of music can you listen to in a single day? You will definitely need many days to be able to use up the 120 hours of battery life. Such a large battery allows you to listen to music without interruption for several days without having to recharge your headphones.

Our opinion on the F6

Picun’s F6 is the necessary and even exaggerated headset that puts competition from big brands on the same level, offering even more than headphones from renowned brands. But everything has a catch, and the catch with the F6 is that it has a much more affordable price for those who want a more cost-effective headset. Taking advantage of the launch promotion may be the best thing to do, if you are looking for real savings in exchange for quality. [Click here to access the product page].

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