Phone battery draining so fast? how to fix it

Is your new or old cell phone battery draining too fast? Here are several tips to fix this.

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Phone battery draining so fast? how to fix it
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Today we are going to talk about a very common problem that occurs with the battery of many cell phones, which is the cell phone battery discharging very fast, whether Android, iOS (Iphone) or others, these same tips are for tablets.

When it comes to “Very fast phone discharge”, it depends on how the user uses the device and this is what affects the battery life. That’s why we’ve separated several tips to make the battery last longer, and some care and precautions to not damage the battery. And how to solve if your cell phone has this problem.

Tips for phones and tablets with battery draining too fast

Now let’s get to the point, which is how to really make your cell phone battery last longer and what to do to solve it when your cell phone drains too fast. All the following tips are for any type of cell phone or tablet of any brand. See what to do:

Eliminate applications that are not useful

This first tip is the most important of all! Apps are the main battery villains, and apps running in the background are the main ones. Especially if they use the internet constantly to show you updates.

Use automatic screen brightness

Screen brightness is another factor that uses our battery mercilessly! This is also one of the items that drain the smartphone battery the most. Leaving the brightness in automatic mode, makes the cell phone use its pre-programmed intelligence to define the amount of light emission on the screen in each place we are, that way if we are in darker places the cell phone dims the brightness by itself to save battery.

Turn off mobile networks when not in use

This tip is sure to reduce energy usage on a massive scale! If you really don’t need to use Wi-Fi, mobile data (2G – 3G – 4G – 5G) and Bluetooth, turn them off and you’ll notice how much longer your battery will last! There are a lot of people who still have the habit of leaving Bluetooth on all day, and still ask themselves “why does the battery drain so fast?”!

Games make mobile devices drain faster

It may seem like advice from those who don’t like games, but Seletronic loves games! However, unfortunately, the better the graphics and sound quality of your game, the higher your CPU usage! And guess what happens when more processor resources are used? Yes, that’s right “He spends a lot more energy!”. In some cases, games even heat up the phone, which is another battery drain.

Listening to music also consumes energy

If you like to listen to good music (yes! good music), know that the speakers also consume battery, and that’s not small, a few hours of music can consume a lot of battery power. Even if you use headphones, listening to music for a long time drains the battery, depending on its autonomy, and in your headphones, which if it’s a good headphone you don’t need a lot of volume and the less volume the more economy.

If nothing works, you may need to replace the battery

Over time the batteries will also wear out, especially if you use your cell phone the wrong way. This means that an old battery will never have the autonomy of a new one, especially if some tips to improve battery life are not followed when you start using the device. In these extreme cases where the battery discharges even with little use of the device, it is necessary to change it.

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