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New fan with strong bad smell? This is normal !?

Is there a strong, strange smell coming from your new fan? Understand the causes and pay attention to the smell

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New fan with strong bad smell? This is normal !?
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You just bought that super modern fan from a good brand and decide to turn it on. Nothing better than cold wind in the heat, isn’t it? But with a few minutes on, a strong, unpleasant smell from the fan begins to rise. The smell looks like the “smell of burning oil“, according to some, and appears to be toxic, which in some cases it really is. Therefore, we ask ourselves if we purchased a defective product and if we run the risk of the fan catching fire. Before contacting the warranty, or the store, it is good to know that in most cases it is not necessary to worry about the smell if it is within the normal range. The bad smell can come from any type and model of fan, below we will explain what causes this smell, and you will understand how to eliminate it faster.

Considerations about the strong smell of a new fan

First of all, we must emphasize that it is extremely normal for a new fan to have a strong smell. This is because of a type of varnish used on the copper wire that forms the inner part of the engine. Normally every type of engine in operation generates a little heat, and in the case of the new fan when the varnish heats up, this generates the strong smell that some attribute as “strong burning smell“, or “burnt oil smell“. In the first days of use the smell can be basically unbearable, but some tips can bring great relief to this situation.

How to stop the strong smell of the fan faster

  • During the first week of use it is not recommended to use the ventilator indoors, it can simply become unbearable indoors and can cause poisoning in some people.
  • Always leave the window or door open so that the smell is not concentrated in the environment.
  • In the first days, it is recommended to leave the fan on outside even when it is not being used so that the varnish matures and the strong smell passes faster.

A lot of attention with the strong smell

Although most new fans have a strong smell of varnish being burned during the first few days, it is important to be able to identify the smell of burnt varnish and differentiate it from the smell of burnt copper or burnt plastic. During the maturation process of the varnish used in the motor filament, it is not normal for smoke to come out of the device, in which case it can already be considered a malfunction and it is necessary to go to the store or manufacturer to change the product. In case of smoke, turn off the fan immediately. Therefore, in the first few days it is advisable to switch on the device outside the home and in a place where there is no risk of fire if you do not know how to differentiate the smell of malfunction from the normal smell of a new product.

How long does the strong smell of the new fan last

The strong smell depends on the amount of product used in the engine and the time the fan stays on until this varnish matures, but we can wait an average of 5 days to two weeks for the smell to normalize during use.

Now we know that it is normal to give off a bad and strong smell in the first days of using the fan, but we must be careful to differentiate the normal smell from the varnish used on the engine, from the burning smell that can result from a malfunction or short circuit. inside the device.

And are you feeling a strong and bad smell in your new fan? What is your fan brand?


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