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Best Stores and Brands to buy RAM on AliExpress – And other tips

Are you thinking about buying RAM memory for your desktop or notebook computer? See this list

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Best Stores and Brands to buy RAM on AliExpress – And other tips
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RAM memories are one of the main components of a computer and are directly linked to performance. A good RAM memory, with good frequency, and a good space ensure that the computer works faster, and streamlines your tasks, whether just for work or for games. Today we find RAM memories of different models, colors and packaging, the most sought after memories being the famous Gamer RAM memories, which have a heat sink, and in some cases RGB lights.

AliExpress has proven to be a great place to buy cheap and quality RAM. Even if you have an old computer with DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 memory or a newer one with DDR4 or DDR5 memory, whether PC or notebook, you can find it on AliExpress. But as we know, being an online mall full of stores and brands, you have to always be attentive and buy in the best stores. For this, we have compiled a table of official private label stores that sell high quality RAM on AliExpress. All stores in this table are Top Brands, which means that they are stores that have received a certificate of good reputation due to high sales volume, product quality and that meet the requirements of a good seller. Here are the best stores to buy computer and laptop RAM on AliExpress:

Marca Sobre Link
Top Brands - 90.5%
Top Brands - 97.5%
Top Brands - 97.5%
Top Brands - 97.1%
Top Brands - 98.6%
Top Brands - 97.9%

How much memory should I buy for my computer or notebook?

RAM memory is never too much, but it depends on how much your computer or notebook supports. To find out how much memory your hardware supports, just refer to your motherboard or notebook manual if applicable. Then just put the amount of RAM memory supported, preferably occupying all the slots on the board.

Memories of the same brand, same model, same capacity and frequency are usually ideal, as it helps to activate more speed through the dual channel.

But if you cannot buy the entire amount of RAM memory supported by the motherboard or notebook at the moment, it is necessary to put the ideal one for the activities that will be performed by the on your computer. Most games, editing programs and programming interfaces usually indicate what is the ideal amount of RAM memory to run. But if you still have doubts, just follow the table below, which covers most programs and games:

Enforcement Minimum recommended Recommended Average
Games 8 GB or more 32 GB or more
Programming 8 GB or more 16 GB or more
Design 16 GB or more 32 GB or more
Video Editing 8 GB or more 32 GB or more
Engineering and Architecture and 3D Editing 16 GB or more 64 GB or more

Is it worth buying RAM on Aliexpress?

There is only one reason not to buy RAM on AliExpress, which is that it takes a little longer to arrive than when you buy it in national stores. But if you’re willing to save money on building or upgrading your computer, AliExpress is the place to shop at the best prices.

Furthermore, with the list of reliable stores that you saw in the table above, you will hardly find problems with the store, as they are reliable stores, and they ship the product on time.

Seletronic is always checking AliExpress stores to be able to create quality hardware store lists at the best price, selecting only trusted stores. It’s worth saving this page and sharing it with friends who want to buy RAM on AliExpress.

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