Linux Mint wants XApps to be a universal application standard

Everything could be a response to a GNOME initiative

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Linux Mint wants XApps to be a universal application standard
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A remarkable advancement of Linux Mint is about to invade every corner of the Linux universe! From the beginning, Linux Mint’s XApps were like that secret recipe that only your grandmother knew how to make. But now, Mint developers have decided to share the secret with the whole world! They are separating XApps from the main system and creating their own repository on GitHub. It’s like they’re doing a magic trick for everyone.

And do you know why this is so incredible? Because it is a direct response to GNOME, which has been wanting to have its own exclusive applications. But Linux Mint is saying, “No thanks!” Instead, they are releasing a wave of applications that fit seamlessly into any graphical environment.

But that’s not all that’s new, Linux Mint is slapping boredom in the face with its switch to Matrix. Yes, you heard right! Goodbye, Jargonaut! Hi Elements! With a web client as easy to use as your favorite messaging app, Linux Mint is bringing chat into the 21st century!

And let’s talk about security? Linux Mint is taking the protection of its users seriously. They’re tired of Flathub apps running wild, unchecked. So, they are putting the brakes on it! From now on, only verified apps will appear in the store. Isn’t it great to know that your apps are more secure than ever?

So, if you are a true Linux fan, get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions! XApps are coming to dominate the Linux universe, making everything easier, safer and, of course, more fun! 🎉🐧

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