Last War: Advanced tips to do well in the game

Special Feature: Advanced Strategies for the game Last War: Survival Game

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Last War: Advanced tips to do well in the game
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Whether you’re an advanced Last War player looking for a competitive edge, or a curious newcomer just starting out in this virtual world of strategy and combat, you’ve come to the right place. In this special feature, we will delve into advanced tactics and strategic strategies to master all aspects of this challenging game.

With the guidance of experienced players, we will present this detailed guide to improve your gaming experience. From intelligent resource management to the most effective combat strategies. This tutorial full of tips is a compiled of Kimika’s tips that were collected by Tarna41, who publicly revealed an English document with the game’s tips. We’ve compiled the tips here, to help you reach new levels of excellence in this exciting virtual challenge.

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Daily Things and Alliance Duel

Radar and Stacking Missions

On odd-numbered Alliance Duel days, you earn a large amount of points by completing radar missions. For this reason, it is very effective to stack radar missions on days when they do not award duel points.

To stack radar missions, you complete the activity, but DO NOT COLLECT IT once completed. Leave it on the screen with its red dot. This will prevent it from expiring.

To avoid changing your schedule, try to stack a mission at less than the maximum (e.g. 34/35). If you want to change the update time, let it accumulate to the maximum (e.g. 35/35) and collect a radar mission at the time you want to set the update. See the guaranteed post for a graphic on this.

Secret Mobile Team Trucks and Explorations Dispatch

You can send 4 trucks daily (by default), and you can upgrade a truck with Trade Contracts that you obtain from various sources. Keep 40 trade contracts in stock so you can upgrade all 4 trains to UR on days 2 and 6 of the Alliance Duel.

You can send a certain number of Secret Mobile Team exploits every day (the number depends on the level). You can update the entire list of unstarted quests using Secret Orders that you obtain from various sources. However, it is best to save the Secret Orders to upgrade on Days 2 and 6 of the Alliance Duel until you obtain between 4 and 6 gold secret missions. Make sure you start the gold quests before updating the list.

To help your allies with their secret mission, it’s as simple as going to the second tab and helping them when the exploration is complete.

To perform further exploration, you must manually search the world map, which can only be seen at certain zoom levels.

Final Note on the Duel

All smart players save their hero shards and skill medals to use only on Duel Day 4 each week. You are here reading a guide, so you are a smart player too!

PvP – Tips for Combat between Players

Base Defense

First, let’s talk about Base Defense. You should only attempt to defend if your main squad can survive the first attack or the second successive attack (i.e. the attacker is close to your level and spending habits). If you cannot defend or cannot be online to make this determination, turn OFF your defenses.

How to enable/disable defenses

Go to the Wall in your base, click on the House+ icon and deselect squads. Whenever you unlock a new squad, be sure to deselect it as well. Sometimes it makes sense to have no defense at all, and sometimes it makes sense to have your main squad as a defense, but having your weakest squads participate in the defense is the biggest mistake you can make. Why this works: Let’s say a much stronger player attacks you 5 times (assuming you’re level 20 with 3 squads). You would lose about 10k to 12k troops in these 5 attacks if you had 3 defending teams. If you only had one defense (the strongest squad), you would lose about 4k to 5k troops. If you had no defense at all, you would lose about 1k troops (due to the breach attack, which doesn’t count as kills for the attacker). It’s a huge difference.

Attack on Bases

Attacking bases serves two purposes in this game: (1) to loot resources and (2) to gain points during Death Events, such as Enemy Breaker (Duel Day 6). Looting gives the best ratio of resources to stamina in the game, but be aware of defenses/retaliations, your current loot limits, etc. There is a separate guide that explores more about this (🚩 tips-strategies Attacking Commanders to Gain Resources…) When attacking other bases for Death Events, please note that only battles can yield kills for points. Therefore, someone with no defense or troops will not give you any event points or increase your individual kill count. This is another reason to disable your own defenses, which is to prevent your opponents from gaining points by attacking you.

PvP – Tips for Player Combat Part 2

Other Considerations

You can attack distant bases without giving them much warning by redirecting your squad to attack at the last moment. Additionally, your main squad marches about 3 times faster (if garage 1 is researched enough) towards resources than towards a base or zombie. This means that instead of marching into a base for 1 minute (giving them and your alliance a warning), you can do a 20 second march and sneak attack.

Pay attention to your opponent’s power rating as a way to predict whether they have troops in their base. You’ll eventually get an idea of how to predict whether they have 0 troops, a few thousand troops, or a full training camp.

Examine the battle report after your first attack.

It is a complete waste to use your secondary squads to launch an attack on the opponent’s base because (A) your weaker squads have a higher chance of failure and (B) they have a lower carrying capacity for loot. You can use your second squad as a distraction attack, but withdraw it before landing (if you are trying to lure your opponent into attacking you thinking your base is only weakly defended).

Finally, zeroing bases is something developers want you to do because it encourages spending. However, in most situations, it is counterproductive. There are several reasons why it’s not good to clear bases, but instead I’ll tell you when it’s productive: (1) you need that base to disappear, like a strong attacker whose squad is marching, (2) to gain points in the Zonewar Duel, and It is an enemy server base.

Team Composition

First, for each squad, place 2 Defenders (shield icons) in the front row and 3 Attackers in the back row. This is due to the battle mechanics. Each character has an auto attack, also known as a basic attack, a fatal skill, an upgradable passive, and a 4-star passive.

What makes an attacker good in their role is a fatal skill that deals damage (even better if it has a secondary effect, like targeting the back row or causing buff/debuff) and a passive that increases damage. Read Stetmann’s skills to understand why he is currently one of the best strikers to have (this is not an endorsement to buy him).

What makes a defender good in their role is a fatal ability and a passive that increases their own survival or the survival of the entire team. Read Carlie’s skills to understand why she’s a great defender (not the best because she’s specific, but still great). In Carlie’s case, it’s not just her abilities, but also because she’s from the Aircraft faction (and most players use tanks). The Aircraft faction only takes 80% damage from the Tank faction. In the same Rock/Paper/Scissors mechanics of the game, the Tank faction only takes 80% damage from the Artillery faction, and the Artillery faction only takes 80% damage from the Aircraft faction.

UR heroes are generally better than SSR heroes, but only when they are not too far behind in stars and total levels. So your newly acquired 0-star DVA shouldn’t replace any 2-5 star SSR, but if you get it at 3 stars, have it replace any 5-star SSR attacker.

Characters receive a MASSIVE boost in performance upon reaching 4 stars, so prioritize getting everyone on your team there before focusing too much on reaching 5 stars.

Team Composition – Part 2

Equipment allocation is something I see many players handle ineffectively. When equipping and leveling gear, you’ll really want to prioritize defensive gear (i.e. golden armor and golden radar) for your defenders and offensive gear (golden weapon and golden data chip) for your attackers. This means that the last thing you would do is equip a golden weapon on Murphy and level him up, but 90-95% of players do this too early without realizing how ineffective it is. Once you have sorted out your priority equipment, you can start putting some golden defense equipment on your attackers, then golden data chips on your defenders (to get to level 20 for damage resistance and extra HP), and lastly, weapons gold on your defenders (for a little extra defense).

Marshall is a support character rather than an explicit attacker or defender, but between those two roles, he actually does better as a front row defender if you don’t have two sufficiently leveled UR defenders. More about Marshall (⁠🔥general-discussion⁠) See this post (⁠🔥general-discussion⁠) about which SSRs to use to populate your teams as you build them.

Alliance Exercise – Marshal Guard

An alliance with a whale account can quickly meet the damage requirements, but for everyone else, a solid strategy is needed to deal as much damage as possible. To explain this strategy, I will use an example of there being 10 members online and ready to start the exercise. Each member starts a rally at intervals of about 30 seconds. It’s important not to start them all at the same time. You only need to think about it for the first 4-5 minutes to establish a good rhythm. Rallies are led by each member’s second squad. The reason is to free up the main squad to join any rally as often as possible. Everyone joins the shortest rally available with their main squad. When the rhythm is right, you end up attacking about every 2-3 minutes. If there are open positions, don’t worry. When there are 30 seconds left in a Guard Marshal rally, it will automatically fill with the strongest squads available (including offline members). The two biggest obstacles to getting this right are (A) members starting too many rallies at once, breaking the rhythm and reducing how many times you can attack with the main squad, and (B) members joining rallies with their weak teams, taking up vacancies that could have been filled with a team that can really do damage.

Note that at the time of this post, your damage decreases with each alliance guard level increase. For simplicity, let’s say it decreases by half each level. Therefore, the difficulty in obtaining maximum rewards increases exponentially with level.

Troop/Unit Training

The most optimized strategy for training troops is to divide them into 3 stages. This doesn’t make training faster or use fewer resources, but it does allow you to increase your score during relevant events, such as Arms Race unit training and the Duel Day 5 activity.

Let’s say TX is the maximum troop level you can train, TY is one level below the maximum, and TZ is two levels below the maximum. The strategy is to train TZ throughout the week (assuming you already have enough TX for all your squads). During Arms Race Unit Training, promote TZ to TY and/or TY to TX (possible to do two rounds in each barracks without accelerants during this phase). On Duel Day 5, you would promote all or most of your TY/TZ troops to TX throughout the day before entering Desert Storm or Duel Day 6. Then, after finishing the Elimination Events, resume supplying TZ.

As an example, if you are at HQ 25, then TX would be level 8 units (requiring level 24 barracks), TY would be level 7 units (requiring level 20 barracks), and TZ would be level 6 units (requiring level 24 barracks). 17).

To take advantage of this strategy, it is necessary to keep some barracks at lower levels than the maximum possible. Out of 4 barracks, I suggest keeping 2 that can train up to TX and 2 that can only train up to TY. This is because troops automatically promote to the maximum level for that barracks.

When healing in the hospital, it is usually best to take smaller doses than all at once. Note that although you have several hospital buildings in your base, they all basically function as a single hospital.

Plan space at training camps considering the capacity to train 2,000 new troops daily (estimate based on 4 barracks).

Automatic Rally

Automatically enabled for everyone in the alliance after completing the unique alliance research. Works for bombers – open spaces automatically fill after 40 seconds on the rally timer, attracting the weakest squad and 5 units from any member. Works for the Marshal Guard – open spaces are automatically filled when there are 30 seconds left on the rally timer with the strongest available squad and full units.

Zombie Invasion

The first mistake people make when encountering Zombie Invasion for the first time is adding all the combat power into the rally and thinking that it will work if it is higher than the recommended power. This is not a reliable way to determine this.

You’ll want to have someone close to the recommended power leading the rally, and then weaker members can join later.

Don’t base this on added power. Each individual is required to have about 60-80% of the recommended power (this is not exact). You’ll get an idea of what you need to defeat each zombie boss level as the event progresses.

As an example, 5 players with 1.6M power will be eliminated in all 5 rounds against a level 5 without causing any damage. However, 2 players with 4M power could almost do it.

Depending on how your teams are built. Start with the strongest and let the weakest players join last for potential cleanup (when the rounds get easier). Additionally, everyone should only send their main team unless the ones that joined are already guaranteed to win and you are just padding the rally to launch it.

Desert Storm Battlefield

As the true matchmaking system does not yet exist for Desert Storm Battleground, this is not a comprehensive guide. Currently, most opponents are selected as developers pick winners and losers, creating massively lopsided matches, so nothing you do will change which side wins.

However, there is still the aspect of earning individual points towards a separate rewards section for participants. If there is no opponent to face you in battle, it is currently impossible to obtain 200,000 individual points with just 3 squads.

When you have uneven matches (one side greatly outperforms the opponent or has a large advantage over the opponent with a similar number of participants), it is actually not a very good strategy to attack bases. This is because successful attacks on bases cause units to perish: these units earn no points for anyone and disappear from the battlefield forever. Basically, you are throwing points away. Therefore, there are two ways to increase individual points for everyone (both sides) in unequal matches:

  • Keep all battles in structures or in the oil fields.
  • Continuously alternate structure ownership to create structure breach points (crates that must be collected with reconnaissance planes).

Coordination between your alliance and the opposing alliance.

When they fix this to be a balanced mode, all of this changes because then there is a battle royale with numerous strategies available.

Diamond Spending

Here are some places to spend your diamonds (especially if you don’t buy diamonds):

  • 300/week for stamina potions in the VIP store.
  • 10 thousand/month to activate VIP (not the best value).
  • 770/week in donations to alliance technology (10 daily diamond donations).
  • Some variable amount by purchasing XP chests in the VIP store.
  • Some amount in events to reach the next reward threshold.
  • On some days I can buy 300 stamina upgrades and possibly 500 gems if it’s a really good event and my potions are low (like during the zombie invasion during the arms race’s stamina phase). However, I don’t do this daily.

All of the above actions generally keep my supply quite low.

Here are examples of the WORST ways to spend diamonds:

  • Anything from the “Diamond” store.
  • Any “Finish Now” prompt.
  • Buy shields with diamonds.
  • Accelerate gears with diamonds.
  • Pure chance events with no pulls guaranteed after x attempts.
  • Any event where you need to spend money to claim rewards you earned with diamonds (like that crap summoning supplies where you need to buy keys).
  • VIP activation for just 1 day (about 3 times the monthly cost).

City Capture – an addendum

  • You can only control 6 cities, regardless of level. The Capital is not considered part of this limit (i.e. 7 territories if you also control the Capital).
  • You can declare war on only 3 cities per day. It is also only possible to declare war on one city at a time, which will last until the city is captured or the 12-hour timer expires.
  • You can repeat the march when attacking a city, similar to what you do when looting an inactive base.
  • You can liberate cities through an abandonment process that takes one hour.
  • The gold/food/iron production bonuses are the least useful. The collection speed bonus is good for events, especially for activity points on day 1 of the Duel. The best bonuses are for building speed and research.
  • If your alliance is the main one, it is useful to share the occupation of level 6 cities so that it is easy to obtain honor points every time there is a Capital War. Closing access to the Capital makes it difficult for all alliance members to obtain maximum honor points, thus losing potential rewards. It’s not impossible, however, you would just need to organize battles with members of other alliances on the gray zone farms, or ensure that your alliance members withdraw from the Capital once they reach the maximum individual rewards due to the reinforcement limit.</li >

Base Structures Update Plan

The HQ has two prerequisites for each level, one of which is always the Technology Center and the other varies between Hospital, Training Camp, Barracks, Tank Center, Wall and Alliance Center.

The biggest reason someone has a food or iron shortage is not because they don’t get enough food or iron, respectively, but because they upgrade their structures in a way that constantly consumes one resource more than the other. To keep your resource consumption more balanced, plan your upgrades in pairs or trios (either doing them one after the other or purchasing building slots to do them simultaneously). This is the scheme I recommend:

  • Keep 2 Training Camps on the same level as the Wall.
  • Keep 1 Hospital on the same level as the Tank Center (the 2nd hospital on the same level as the Aircraft Center and the 3rd hospital on the same level as the Artillery Center).
  • The Alliance Center can be paired with the Equipment Factory (until the Alliance Center is level 23 and the Equipment Factory is level 20).

Structures to maintain at or near maximum level:

  • Training Bases (until they reach level 25).
  • Foundries (from 0 to 4 levels below HQ, also decreasing around mid-level 20).
  • Material Workshops (2 to 6 levels below HQ, also decreasing around the early to mid 20s).

Frameworks you might start ignoring early:

  • Campos and Mines. Stop somewhere between 15 and 20. Upgrading these structures to higher levels starts to have a null or negative effect.
  • Warehouses – essentially useless.
  • Builder’s Hut and Tavern – upgrade only as needed, but the benefit diminishes very quickly.

UR Fragments (Repeatable Weekly)

To quickly advance your game and strengthen your team, it is essential to make the most of opportunities to obtain UR-tier hero shards. These fragments, crucial for unlocking and upgrading the most powerful heroes, are available from various sources throughout the week.

  • Arms Race = 14/week (with a chance of getting up to 7 more)
  • Campaign Store = 10/week
  • Duel = 6/week (can go up to 12/week, but not sustainable for free players)
  • Trucks = 10/week (varies a lot depending on your team, how often you roll and can maintain them, etc., and I can get closer to 15/week here)
  • Mystery/Tactical Chests = 10?/week (difficult to determine, completely controlled by RNG)
  • VIP Activation 10+ = 7/week (I only recently achieved this, which combined with the added campaign store has increased my average)
  • Aliance Store = 5/week
  • Honor Store ≈ 2.2/week (updates 10 monthly)
  • Secret Missions = 2/week (every 3 days, there is one guaranteed, but the limit is higher depending on luck, perhaps averaging 5/week)
  • VIP 11+ = 5 or 10/week in the VIP store (this doesn’t apply to me or especially free players, but I’m listing it anyway, although I forgot the actual number)

Taking advantage of Special Events: A Valuable Source of Fragments

Last War’s special events offer a unique opportunity to obtain hero shards in varied and exciting ways. While the list of events is extensive and many are cyclical, each week brings with it new opportunities to grow your hero shard collection. One such notable event is Vanguard, known for granting valuable shards that boost your team’s power. By closely following these events and actively participating, you will be able to significantly increase your arsenal of hero shards and advance further on your epic journey.

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