How is the iPhone SE different from other iPhones?

Já se perguntou a diferença de um iPhone SE para outros modelos? Entenda!

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How is the iPhone SE different from other iPhones?
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The iPhone SE is different from other iPhone models in several ways. One of the main differences of the Phone SE is that it was designed to be cheaper than other models. It has a more compact design and a smaller screen than some other models, making it more portable and easier to hold in one hand. Usually iPhone SE models of different generations have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor instead of a facial recognition system to unlock the phone.

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As for performance, the iPhone SE relies on modern Apple chips manufactured during the launch date of the iPhone SE version, which is the same used in more expensive iPhone models. For example, the iPhone SE 3rd generation is equipped with the A15 Bionic chip, which is the same as the iPhone 13.

The iPhone 13 was released in September 2021, and is still in high demand, and the iPhone SE 3rd generation was introduced in March 2022. Even though it has similar processing power, the iPhone SE 3rd generation is still cheaper than the iPhone 13 . For example:

The Apple iPhone SE (3rd generation) 128 GB is currently priced at $379.99 on Amazon [View Current Price]

The Apple iPhone 13 (128 GB) is currently priced at US$ 659,99 on Amazon [View Current Price]

Of course, because it is a cell phone made to be more accessible, some details change, such as the camera that the iPhone SE (3rd generation) has a single camera, with only the main 12MP Wide lens, while the iPhone 13 has two cameras in the camera system. 12MP (Ultra Wide and Wide). Also other hardware features may not exist in iPhone SE versions, so it can maintain a more affordable price. However, Apple always launches new versions of the iPhone SE with one of the latest versions of its chips.

All this makes the iPhone SE a more cost-effective option for those who need a good quality cell phone to work or even play, since the graphics performance of a chip from the same generation from Apple is usually always the same.

Check the current price of the iPhone SE on the Amazon website
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