HBO Max advertises with Ivete Sangalo and is cursed on Facebook

Comments and reactions to the announcement of HBO Max show public outrage at the image of the singer

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HBO Max advertises with Ivete Sangalo and is cursed on Facebook
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HBO Max is a video on demand service operated by WarnerMedia, which competes with other services like NetFlix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video and others. An ad made on Facebook, which in the course of this article is still linked to the social network, shows a mass of people outraged by the artist Ivete Sangalo.

Cursed as a lacradora and promoter of the wrong things in the ad comments, the number of comments and negative reactions against the singer shows that her image is not doing very well. So far, there are 2,300 reactions to the ad, the majority being the angry face (Grr), used to express anger or rejection of a Facebook post.

Among the top comments, marked as most relevant in the post, one says:

She lost my admiration. Lacradora, who was just a sweetheart and exempt while she took advantage of our tax money. Now that the mamata is over, she showed who she really is.

Another featured comment reads:

Wherever that lady is who encourages evil in her shows, I’m out, I’m canceling my subscription.

If you want to see all the negative comments about the singer up close, you can access the original post:

The singer’s image has not gone well since a show in which she uttered and sang profanity, and after being associated with the Rouanet Law, a program that should support artists who need resources to start their projects in Brazil.

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