Green line on Samsung Galaxy cell phone screen is occurring after update

Users face inconvenience and uncertainty due to a green line that affects the functioning of the device

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Green line on Samsung Galaxy cell phone screen is occurring after update
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After a software and security update from Samsung for Galaxy devices, some users began to notice the presence of a green line on their cell phone screen. While this green line doesn’t appear to affect the devices’ basic functioning, it is considered a nuisance, especially since it appeared after an official update from Samsung.

Affected models include the Galaxy S21 FE, S21 Ultra, A73, M21, M52 5G, and Z Flip 3. While the issue does not appear to be widespread, it is understandable that owners are concerned and dissatisfied.

The lack of an official statement from Samsung on the matter raises questions about whether the problem is a bug that may be fixed in a future update or whether it is a more serious defect. Regardless, it is important that affected users contact the manufacturer to report the problem and seek a solution.

Other brands also had this problem

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that similar reports of green lines on the screen were also made by users of other smartphone brands, such as Xiaomi, OnePlus and Motorola. However, it appears that there are no reports of this issue related to iPhones.

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