Error creating Facebook account? See how to solve it!

Here's how to solve it: Registration error, There was an error with your registration, Try to register again, and other errors

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Error creating Facebook account? See how to solve it!
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If you are facing constant problems when trying to create a new Facebook account, in this tutorial we have separated some reasons that lead the social network to display this error message. So, look at each of the reasons that make you ineligible to register on Facebook, and try to work around them in the way we are going to teach you, until you are able to create a new account.

Your email has already been used and banned

If your email has already been used on Facebook, and has been banned for whatever reason, this may return the error message “You are ineligible to register for facebook.” In this case, you will need to use another email address.

Have you just created an account and are you trying to create another one?

Facebook may prevent you from creating multiple accounts in a short time. This is to avoid creating fake accounts. If you’ve just created an account and you start getting an account creation error for no reason, it means that Facebook is preventing too many accounts from being created using the same network. To resolve this, try using another type of internet connection, change your IP, clear your browser cache. A good option is to switch from WiFi to the chip operator’s internet or vice versa.

You are using an age incompatible with the social network

If on your registration you use a birth date that shows you are under 13, you will not be able to register.

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