AE003 Error In AliExpress – Here’s What To Do !

AliExpress card registration error is very common - Here's how to solve it!

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AE003 Error In AliExpress – Here’s What To Do !
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Error AE003 is an error that has commonly happened on AliExpress when there is a need to insert a new card into the platform. When accessing Alipay, AliExpress platform’s digital wallet, to enter the data of a new card, the error code is displayed that makes it impossible to register the new credit card. AliExpress’s own recommendation is that whoever faces this problem contact support, so that the problem is resolved through customer service.

Access the help center here for anyone using the AliExpress app or mobile
Access the help center here for anyone using the desktop site, then click Start Chat

However, there are other things you can do to try to solve the problem, as we’ll see below, if you think the customer service is taking too long to respond.

Some possible solutions for error AE003

Despite presenting the solution that the platform itself recommends above, there are other things you can try to do if you are facing this specific problem:

1. Try using another card

It may be that you are experiencing a problem with the card, and maybe registering another card will solve the problem.

2. Register the card through another device or platform

You can, for example, try to register the card through your computer account.

3. Wait some time before trying to register the card again

Temporary problems on the platform on the network can cause an error when registering the card, waiting a few minutes can be functional.

4. Try clearing your browser cache

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies can help when registration errors occur. After that Access the card registration page again.

5. Try clearing app data

If you are using the AliExpress app, try clearing the app data and logging back into your account.

6. Try another payment method

If you are making an urgent purchase, and you can choose another form of payment, remember that the platform accepts several forms of payment.

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