Does Brazil Post deliver on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays? Find out the schedules

Are you waiting for a delivery and want to know if the Post Office delivers on the expected date? Check opening days and times

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Does Brazil Post deliver on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays? Find out the schedules
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If you are hoping to receive a delivery from the Post Office (Correios) via regular parcel or Sedex, you are certainly wondering about the company’s opening days and hours. Today we live in the era of online shopping, and you can be sure that like you, many other people also have questions about what time the Post Office delivers, and whether they deliver on Saturdays and Sundays. But don’t worry, Seletronic will explain all this and much more.

What time does the Post Office deliver?

Post Office delivery times may vary depending on the location and type of service chosen. Deliveries generally occur during business hours, from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

On Saturdays, some Post Office units are open, but this depends on each unit; Generally, working hours are from 8am to 12pm.

Additionally, please note that in some regions, delivery hours may extend until later in the evening, especially for express or scheduled deliveries. To obtain more accurate information about delivery times in your region, it is recommended to check with your nearest Post Office.

Normal delivery times:

Day of the Week Delivery Time
Monday 8am to 6pm (Business Hours)
Tuesday 8am to 6pm (Business Hours)
Wednesday 8am to 6pm (Business Hours)
Thursday 8am to 6pm (Business Hours)
Friday 8am to 6pm (Business Hours)
Saturday 8am to 12pm (Business Hours – Variations)
Sunday No deliveries on Sundays

Sedex Times:

Below is the table of days of the week for posting on the Sedex service, considering the specified times and locations:

Day of the Week Posting until 3pm (Agencies) Posting until 11am (Agencies on Saturdays) Post until 6pm (Operational Units) Posting until 8pm (Operational Centers)
Second Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wednesday Yes Yes Yes Yes
Thursday Yes Yes Yes Yes
Friday Yes Yes Yes Yes
Saturday Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sunday No No Yes Yes


  • Post delivery by 11pm:
    • Agencies: Monday to Friday until 3pm and Saturdays until 11am.
    • Operational Units: Monday to Sunday until 6pm.
  • Post delivery by 12pm the following day:
    • Operational Centers: Monday to Sunday between 6:01 pm and 8:00 pm.
  • Service available in branches for customers with and without a contract and in operational units for customers with a contract.
  • Collection under operational feasibility.

Check to be sure:

Does the Post Office deliver on Saturday?

Yes, Correios delivers on Saturdays, however, it is important to highlight that this may vary according to the type of service contracted and the region of the country. In some locations, Saturday delivery may be limited to express or scheduled orders only, while in other areas regular mail and package deliveries may occur.

Therefore, it is recommended to check with your nearest Post Office to obtain accurate information about the services available in your area and whether Saturday deliveries are included.

Does the Post Office deliver on Sunday?

We scoured the internet, the post office website and more to get this information. The post office does not deliver on Sundays, so do not expect to receive any packages on that day. There are reports on the internet of people receiving deliveries from the Post Office on Sundays, but it is not possible to verify whether this is true.

Some say that in some specific situations, such as during periods of high demand or in the case of express services, it is possible for deliveries to occur on non-working days, such as Sundays and holidays, and that this depends on the availability and operational capacity of the Post Office in each region. However, we did not find anything that reinforces this idea on the Correios website.

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