Ctrl + Win + Shift + B: Windows shortcut allows you to reset the video card

Troubleshoot Display Problems Quickly with a Simple Shortcut

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Ctrl + Win + Shift + B: Windows shortcut allows you to reset the video card
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Have you ever come across display issues on your Windows computer? If so, you may not yet know a powerful keyboard shortcut that can help resolve this quickly. We are talking about Ctrl + Win + Shift + B.

What is Ctrl + Win + Shift + B for?

The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Win + Shift + B is a useful tool in Windows that allows you to reset your computer’s graphics card. When pressed, this shortcut sends a command to restart the graphics card, which can resolve display issues such as intermittent black screen, flickering, or other visual anomalies.

How to use the shortcut:

To use the shortcut, simply press the Ctrl, Win (Windows key), Shift and B keys on your keyboard simultaneously. This will send a signal to the operating system to reset the graphics card. After pressing the shortcut, you may notice that the screen flashes briefly, indicating that the graphics card reset process has started. All without having to restart your computer.

In what cases to use the Shortcut?

Ctrl + Win + Shift + B can be useful in several situations, for example when the computer is flashing, glitching or displaying a black screen. These issues can be caused by outdated video drivers, software conflicts, or other video card-related issues. Pressing this shortcut can help resolve these issues quickly and efficiently without having to restart your computer.

Try using this shortcut the next time you encounter display problems on your Windows computer and see how useful it can be.

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