Is it bad to charge your phone overnight?

Can it cause damage to the cell phone or is it dangerous to leave the cell phone on the charger overnight?

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Is it bad to charge your phone overnight?
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It is very common to hear several people giving guesses about what can and cannot be done with electronic equipment. And one of those things they say is that you can’t leave your cell phone charging all night. But, is this true? After all, we don’t want to ruin the cell phone battery, charger or even cause an accident. So let’s understand more about it.

Can I leave the phone charging all night?

Yes, you can leave a cell phone on charge overnight as modern cell phones have overcharge protection. After charging 100%, this system will prevent the cell phone from receiving power from the charger.

Leaving your phone charging after 100% even if it’s overnight will not damage your battery or overheat your device, as long as everything is working perfectly, and you are using original equipment. Because when they are original, the chances of having a problem with these equipment are very remote.

Before these equipments are launched on the market, both the cell phone and the charger need to undergo tests to receive certification that they are safe, these tests are carried out by the country’s supervisory bodies.

Is it dangerous to leave your cell phone charging all night?

As long as the cell phone and charger are original and working perfectly, it is not dangerous to leave the cell phone charging overnight. As we said above, the cell phone has overload protection, so you can go to sleep and leave your cell phone charging without any problem.

Leaving your cell phone charging all night uses up energy?

The energy that the cell phone charger uses even if it is turned on all night is very insignificant. And after the cell phone reaches 100% charge, it uses much less energy. To give you an idea, a basic charger plugged into the socket without charging the cell phone, and considering the value of $ 0.73 per kWh, you would spend less than $ 0.60 in a year. Not to mention that every time you unplug your cell phone, it wears out, which could make it last much less than its normal lifespan. That way you can spend a lot more when you need to buy a new charger.

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