Can you use your computer when it’s raining? Understand!

Can I use the computer or notebook when it's raining heavily? And the thunders?

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Can you use your computer when it’s raining? Understand!
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It is extremely common for people to question whether or not they can use the computer while it is raining. And while the answer seems obvious, the truth is that the answer is not that simple. Because there are many myths that spread about the use of electronic devices such as televisions, PCs, notebooks, cell phones and showers during storms.

Electricity discharges can cause material damage as a result of overloading the electrical network, in addition to dozens of deaths and serious injuries such as burns, and in other cases it can lead to death. For this reason it is necessary to be very careful in your home or on the street during periods of storms.

Home Care: Storm Risks

The most common residential problem during storms is a power outage. Electricity discharges hardly reach people protected indoors, as most of the time they are limited to telephone or electrical installations.

But it can provide risks if the voltage of the wiring reached increases and generates a system overload. And although it does not reach the individual directly, electrical discharge is a danger, as it can reach them indirectly through other electronic devices, although it is rare.

Most of the time, the electrical discharge is limited to causing damage to the electrical network and electronic products, such as computers and televisions, and can burn your equipment.

Can I use a computer when it’s raining?

The answer depends on numerous factors, it is necessary to take into account the intensity of the rain and whether there is lightning. If it is a light rain without electrical discharges, you will be able to use your computer normally, without any worries. But if it is a heavy rain and full of electricity discharges, it will be necessary to be extra careful, and avoid using other electronics connected to the electrical network, as there will be a considerable risk of losing the equipment definitively if it is a victim of lightning.

In addition, there will be risks to your personal integrity, although the chance of you being injured is much smaller than the chances of a computer burning out. On the other hand, wireless computers, such as cell phones or notebooks, when not connected to the socket, pose no risks, neither to you nor to the equipment.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the simple fact that it is raining does not mean that you cannot use your computer or other electronic devices. The point is that you will have to be extra careful according to the level of intensification of rain and electrical discharges. So if the rain is light, or even moderate, you can use your electronic equipment without great worries.

But from the moment the rain is very intense, and the rays intensify, it will be interesting to reduce the intensity that you use electronic equipment, or even not use them to cherish the safety of electronics and also for your physical integrity.

The secret of safety is in moderation and the way you manage the use of your electronics according to the condition and intensity of the storms.

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