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Can dust ruin the computer?

Can a simple dust ruin your computer or notebook? Understand!

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Can dust ruin the computer?
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Dust is everywhere. No matter how much you clean your house, your office or anywhere else, the blonde always finds a way in and stays on top of furniture, and mainly on the floor. Much is said about dust causing damage to the computer or notebook, but is it really possible for dust to damage this equipment? Let’s see more details on this below.

Dust spoils the computer?

Yes, dust can spoil and shorten the life of your computer or notebook if you do not periodically clean these equipment. This happens because the accumulated dust prevents the correct cooling of the equipment, or because it causes oxidation of the contact terminals.

Computer dust and heating

When dust accumulates too much, the computer becomes very hot. Dust accumulates mainly on the fans, which are the fans responsible for cooling the computer, and ends up forming a layer that prevents the flow of air. Without adequate cooling, the computer starts to present problems such as shutting down by itself, and the overheating of components that end up having their useful life reduced.

In general, the main components that pull dust into the computer are the CPU coolers, which are one of the most important, the power supply and the video card. There are models of computer cases that have several coolers attached to the body, which further increase the suction of dust into the computer.

Dust and oxidation of components

Another thing that people don’t usually talk about is that dust can also cause oxidation of computer components. The accumulation of dust, which are usually tiny particles of various materials found in the environment, together with moisture can cause chemical reactions capable of deteriorating the parts where they accumulate.

How to avoid dust inside the computer?

To avoid dust on your computer or notebook, do not leave it in places that accumulate a lot of dust, such as on the floor for example. Clean the area where the computer is located daily to remove dust. Leaving the computer on a table, also or other support that distances it from the floor is also useful to prevent it from accumulating internal dust.

Using water coolers instead of regular coolers, in addition to improving the computer’s cooling performance, also prevents the accumulation of internal dust in the computer case.Can dust really spoil the computer or notebook? See this if this is true and some important information about it.

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