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Best AliExpress Drone Brands and Stores

Recommended stores to buy quality drones with low price on AliExpress

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Best AliExpress Drone Brands and Stores
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Called unmanned aerial vehicles, remotely piloted aircraft, bees or simply drones, these remotely controlled equipment are the dream of consumption of children and adults. Drones are one of the most sought after products on AliExpress as the platform offers many quality brands at very cheap prices. AliExpress drones are worth it, because unlike buying nationally today, where we find few options with high prices, the same and more options cost much cheaper on AliExpress. That’s why we’ve selected the best brands and official drone stores on AliExpress to help you find your next drone safely and at the best price!

Please note that the stores in this article are the official stores of each brand that sells drones on AliExpress, with quality drones and a good reputation on the platform.

DJI – Da-Jiang Innovations

DJI (Da-Jiang Innovations), is a Chinese technology company that manufactures high quality drones for various purposes. We can rank this as one of the best, if not the best drone brand. You can ask anyone, and they will definitely recommend DJI drones. Best of all, the brand has an official store on the AliExpress platform, with prices much better than other sites on the internet.*

The DJI Ali Store on AliExpress specializes in selling drones and other technologies, and has a great reputation on AliExpress

NOTE: The official DJI store on AliExpress is apparently only working with Russia. A safe option would be the DJI Ali Store.

FIMI – (Xiaomi Quality)

FIMI is a Xiaomi ecosystem company created by geek engineers in May 2014. With a lot of experience and knowledge in the drone industry, including flight control, robust wireless link, mechatronic design, gimbal and image stabilization system, computer vision and other fields. In addition to its quality, the company focuses on producing good design and innovations for everyone.

AliExpress official FIMI store sells drones with the quality of Xiaomi products


Hubsan is committed to fulfilling the human desire to explore new heights by producing in-flight innovations. The company has drones for beginners and professionals. Hubsan drones capture virtually any moment in 4K Ultra HD quality. The devices offer the option to capture stunning photos or breathtaking real-time video footage.

AliExpress official Hubsan store sells drones for beginners and professionals who take 4K Ultra HD quality images
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