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Android crashing on home screen – What to do?

Learn how to get rid of some of the reasons that make your Android phone or tablet stuck on the home screen - Infinite Loop

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Android crashing on home screen – What to do?
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We have already taught you how to solve when Android crashes all the time, but there is another problem that affects many people. Many users have been experiencing a constant problem, where their cell phone or tablet when starting up hangs on the initial boot screen (screen with the logo – brand of the manufacturer, the android robot, or in some cases the screen with the unlocked bootloader warning on Motorola cell phones, or on the Samsung Galaxy screen which is very common). For those who don’t know this problem of crashing on the first screen is called infinite loop.

If it happened to your cell phone or tablet, there are a number of possible reasons for this to happen, but if your cell phone or tablet is still turning on, don’t be sad, the worst is if it doesn’t turn on any lights or the screen, because in this case it can be difficult to do something. But if your phone turns on and hangs on the home screen, be happy, despite not being a normal feature, this is still a good sign, which shows that there is still a way to get it back to normal.

As I said before, there are several reasons that your cell phones and tablets go into an infinite loop, so we decided to cite the most common problems, and below each one of them is the solution. Read the entire article carefully and look for the one that best fits your case.

1. The cell phone went into an infinite loop out of nowhere

When restarting the phone normally it goes into infinite loop and doesn’t want to leave the home screen anymore. This is the most common case that makes the phone freeze on the home screen, the person turns on the phone that worked normally and it does not leave the home screen anymore. The reason for this to happen is usually an application that has caused some damage to the system. This happens a lot on older versions of Android like: (2.3, 3.0, 4.0), but it can also happen on newer versions. This is because some apps were unstable in these versions.


As we cannot enter the system to delete these applications, hard resetting the system is the best option. The only problem is that everything in the phone’s memory will be erased, and your phone will go back to the same factory mode. But the good news is that it will get back to normal.

2. The device went into infinite loop after rooting

When rooting Android, your phone stopped turning on normally, and got stuck on the home screen.


In this case, you will almost certainly have to reinstall the device’s ROM, but it doesn’t hurt to try to clean the device’s memory to see if it turns on normally. Do the hard reset, and if it doesn’t work, get ready to install the ROM on the device, preferably the original one.

3. After rooting it worked but after installing apps it didn’t

After rooting and installing some apps it stopped working normally. We know that root breaks system protection and is a risky procedure. If it is unprotected some malicious application can directly affect the system directories and files.


It is also recommended to do the hard reset first, if this does not work and the device remains on the home screen, it is necessary to reinstall the device’s ROM.

4. The phone went into an infinite loop after a “Successful” update

After updating the cellphone itself, even though it completed the update successfully, the cellphone went into infinite loop.


In this case it is almost certain that a simple hard reset will make your phone go back to normal

5. The phone went into an infinite loop after an update error

There is an error during the Android system update, or the phone has turned off due to lack of battery during the update process. This is a serious problem, and this time the hard reset will not work as the system has not been fully installed.


Reinstall your cell phone’s original factory ROM, if you need help with that post your question on the Seletronic forum.

6. The phone went into infinite loop after installing a Custom ROM

After installing a custom ROM on the phone or tablet, it kept crashing on the home screen, and did not get out of the infinite loop.


Keep in mind that after installing a custom ROM on your device it really takes a little longer to turn on, if even after a long time it doesn’t reach the usage screen, maybe clearing the phone’s cache through a hard reset will work. If it doesn’t work, reinstall the ROM, and always do a hard reset after installing. If it still doesn’t work, it’s very likely that this system you’re trying to put on your device is not appropriate for it, put the factory system back on it. For more help with this, the Seletronic Forum is available at the same link as the problem above.


We have mentioned the most common errors that cause this annoying problem of making the phone or tablet go into infinite loop mode, I hope these tips can help to solve this problem, if your case is different, if you have any questions, or experience to tell. , leave it in the comments.


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